Saturday, December 31, 2011

Saturday Inspiration via erica on Pinterest

Crack. Instead of just blindly looking at things on this genius site, I am going to post some of the gems I find.

For example... via Loodyhoo on Pinterest
If I had this, I would bike everywhere. For about a week, until I got bored and saw something else I wanted to obsess about.
My Make Me is totally out of control. The good thing about it is it makes me want to spend hours and hours in my sewing room. Bad thing, I do not have hours to spend in my sewing room.
Here are a few I want to try... via Adrian Burton on Pinterest via Keenan Rankin onPinterest

One Girl Design Wrks via Lindsey Fulton Frey on Pinterest

Alisa Burke via The Red Bananas on Pinterest 

Ok, go make shit.


From "1.1.11"
Happy New Year!
I have always made resolutions and I, like most, dismissed them after a few days. This year, I am taking a different approach. Instead of trying to find all the things in my life I want to be different, I am going to attempt to focus on the things I do well and continue to do them.  I would like a more self loving year.
Let's see how I feel on 1.11.11!
Besides the obvious (to me) typo, I like this approach. While I spent an exorbitant amount of time kicking the shit out of myself emotionally, I am not looking back on this year as a failure, which is my m.o.
The dishes are rarely done, laundry is at a constant state of overflow, my business has a ebb and flow of nothing to everything in my life, the family finances are slightly out of control and I currently have a massive case of end-of-winter-vacation exaustion. That being said, I truly believe this year has been an enormous success.
Case in point, the reason I am so exhausted today is because my kids and my husband have been home for a couple of weeks. The house is filled with bodies, mess and a constant hum of laughter. I like my alone time. The hour of quiet I get in the afternoon before dinner is necessary for me to feel prepared. I have been thrown off my game this week. My normal hyper-control-freak state of being has been replaced with a home filled with laughter, screams of joy, play mess and massive amounts of candy/snack wrappers. This is not a failure. This is a success.
At the end of the day, I love my family, my ever evolving sense of success, the chaos of play and the space my life allows me to reflect.
I will not be listing the things I want to change again this year. I, again, will be focusing my energy on appreciating what I have and following my heart toward my joys.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Oatmeal Breakfast (aka why I love saturday morning breakfast)

We love oatmeal. It may be a problem.
In of itself, loving oatmeal is not a bad thing. However, as a mother of three who reluctantly does whatever they want from time to time despite my bad ass nature, making and serving said oatmeal is an ordeal.
Here are the instructions so someone can give me when I lose my mind and can no longer function as a member of my family...

  • Start a medium pot of water boiling
  • Add a random amount of oatmeal. If you are a stick-up-you-ass type, go ahead and measure it out according to directions. You are now a Follower.
  • Cook for about a minute. This results in a nice, thick, sticky oatmeal. Just the way I like it. 
  • Spread about half of it on a large plate, put in freezer to cool. 
  • While cooling, toss 4 slices of bread into toaster. 
  • While toast, start a pot of coffee for yourself. Make it a whole pot, because it typically needs to last about 3 days
  • Once toast is done, butter two for yourself, cut one in 4ths and spread now cooled oatmeal on them for one kid and butter and cut in half for the other. The third kid may yell at you if you give her toast, don't bother
  • Divide remaining cooled oatmeal into 2 bowls. The other third man out may yell at you if you give her just a bowl of oatmeal, don't bother.
  • Pour an ungodly amount of brown sugar over all the exposed sticky, tan oatmeal in an effort to hide the fact you are attempting to give your children something good (despite the fact that you are making it decidedly un-good by adding sugar)
  • Place all 456 plates, bowls and cups on the table, return to kitchen, pour a cup of coffee, eat scraps off the counter, return to family eating area, pretend you are at a hipster breakfast place with background noise instead of your own children yelling, eat a entire bowl of oatmeal, two overly buttered pieces of toast in about 3 minutes.
  • If Weekday: run to bedrooms, but out clothes for kids...start the getting ready for school war.
  • If Saturday: Remove youngest from highchair, dust off the sugar from her face and clothes, grab cup of coffee, find couch and stay there for about an hour. 
  • In both scenarios, be sure not to clean up the table. If you do, you will be depriving yourself of the ability for massive amounts of blood to rush to your face every time you step on sticky oatmeal and it gets stuck to your foot, or every time you attempt to scrape dried, hardened brown sugar encrusted oats off the table.
Feel free to use this method, just give me credit. It has taken a lot of sweat and tears to perfect.