Thursday, October 27, 2011

I dream in Red.

I have an unnatural obsession with this bird. I am really digging the hand embroidery process. Just getting started, and this is the first one I am super proud of. Don't tell the other projects, I love them too, but I think this one is just so damn cute.

This bute is for sale in my store...But I still have the pattern, so let me know if you want something with it on it.

I got the pattern from Urban Threads. I love that they not only let, but encourage you to use the images in handmade goods to sell!  And they use skulls and shit. Which I think is rad. Mainly because my daughters are scared crapless of skulls. I was going to say shitless, but twice in one paragraph seemed a bit vulgar. oops.

On that note (that note = I am always trying to find ways to torture my kids), we are trying to remove naps in preparation for kindergarten. So, needless to say, I have three kids for sale.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The time is soon

I am so close I can smell it.

I have been sewing, embroidering and designing.
My logo is up and awesome.
I am pretty sure I can "launch" by Friday.
I may have just peed a little,.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall Fun

God I love this season. My In-laws found an awesome apple orchard slash working farm (I will post a link to the site when I get off my ass and get the name from the piece of paper in my car). This place was wicked. Tons of animals, a corn pit for the girls to play in and nummy apples. This place is the reason Fall exists. Wouldn't it be awesome if I had the name of the place for you all?!

Current Projects

I am working on getting some better pictures to post in  my Store. Just thought I'd put these out there :)

Let me know what you think!

I am Famous.

I had another I-should-not-be-doing-this kinda day. But then two super cool things happened.
First, I had lunch with an old friend. She is actually my cousin (of sorts, granddaughter of my grandmother's sister. I don't know why I am explaining it. I also do not know why I keep explaining...). We had a great talk and, even though we did not talk specifically about my business, I left feeling more encouraged. Something about talking with another Mom who is honest about the struggles and joys of motherhood, marriage and working makes me feel I have people. You know, like, these are my people kind of people. It is a good feeling.

Then, as I got back to my makeshift work space at my Father's office, I got an email from a woman I did consulting work for. She is an uber public relations rock star who, among other things, blogs really smart shit (I know that makes me sound super smart. Thanks). Her email said she "badmouthed" me in her blog, but linked to my page.
Awesome. Just as I was starting to feel better. So I, with hesitation, went to her post.
Allow me to just show you...go here.
You can go now. Or later. But then the next stuff might be confusing. But feel free to skip this vital step, it may become clear as you read. Sort of. Just warning you.

Faith in me...restored.

In addition to the blog and sewing, I also do media research contracting. It is interesting work that I not only understand, but I am pretty good at it. But, after my third child, I have not done much, just a few hours here and there.
I am so honored that Bonnie not only views me and my peers this way, but actually took the time to write about it. There are no words to explain how nice it is to have someone believe in you, especially when you do not believe in yourself. It has lit another fire.

Please, God, let me continue to do something with that fire!

Thank you Bonnie!