Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Ride

I figure I spend about 15 hours a week in my vehicle.
While it may not seem like a lot, envision everyday piling 3 children into the van, getting one buckled, and waiting a few minutes for the other two to pull their head out of their ass and buckle themselves, drive the 20 minute commute to school, unload said children, return to car and buckle the lone child into her seat.
Then the day varies, but typically includes a few more in and outs with 1 or more kids, the acquiring of some product or 100, the distribution of the please-stop-whining snack, subsequent explosion of said snack all over the back of the van, the daily art project which includes; but it not limited to; glitter, wet paint, glue, streamers and scraps of paper, and the reallocation of articles of clothing left at various locations.
Then we make it home. Most of the procurements of the day get left in the car due to the shortage of hands and willing carriers, with the solemn swear that I will rush back our to get them and the harsh reality that I don't.
The result: 30-40 random pieces of clothing, 3-5 half drunken cups of coffee, a substantial floor covering of crumbs, art masterpieces stuck to the carpet, wrappers from the weekly chip obsession I have and a smell that may or may not be a rotting animal under a seat.
But, let's be clear, I love my van. I wish I were better to it. I have named all my cars (Betty, Tina from Chaska...etc) and I am scared to name this one. If I name it, than I would feel guilty for treating it as I do.
So for now I will have to accept it for what it is and vow that someday, god willing, I will be better to it (once I am, it will become Her, says the feminist). Or, I'll just trade it in for something else and start from scratch.
True Dat.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween (yesterday)

 I love Halloween. And by love, I mean  I have a general obsession with fall but loathe hyped up children who spend 37 days post Halloween detoxing. I will settle for love.

We moved into our home four years ago on October 1st and planed a party for that Halloween to encourage a quick unpacking and organizing. We had a blast at it, so it has become an annual thing. We were some of the first of our friends to have kids, so the parties until this point were more adult (nothing kinky, unfortunately). This year, that was not the case.

We have two four year-olds, throwing them in the other room does not work anymore. It was official, small children far out numbered adults. Turns out, it was the best party we have had.

But my camera died. So, just trust me when I say, I am damn lucky to have the people in my life that I do.

And there was a turtle, but she was not having it, so I got no pictures during the 23 seconds she wore it.