Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pool and Shade

 First beautiful, not humid day. Headed to the park with water and play. H loved it.

R and A, hid in the shade and awkwardly ventured out to watch other kids play.

Cause that is how we roll.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Crochet 'n Stuff

So. I am a nerd. Big time. And I am pretty sure once I find something to crack out on, I do it until my eyes bleed. 
On that note, I finished my first crochet project! Yep, learned how to last week, got back from vacation, bought yarn on Sunday, finished project while waiting to get my tooth fixed (broke it on a Sugar Daddy...go ahead, I have about 5 comebacks). Here it is. I kinda love it. 


I followed this tutorial by the super rad Julie at Gleeful Things. Might be in love.
I also want you to see my new tooth. This picture makes them look fake. And that smile is just not at all how I smile...

And I love my neighborhood. Enjoyed everything about it. Even the bag of candy we brought home. How many points is a box (not bag) of Sour Patch Kids? I am going to say one. We, in an effort to block the consumption of sugar in our home, we baked a cake. A double chocolate cake with butter-cream frosting. Girls wanted it pink with blue letters. Done. 

Enjoy your neighborhood! If you don't love it, the house across the street for me is for sale. Just saying.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I need a new craft like I need another hole in my head...

But, hell, I learned a new one anyway. Every year we spend a week at a Resort in Northern Minnesota. It is the best week of the year. We, meaning my Mother's Family, rent out all seven cabins and then add about 4 tents (have I told you I come from a big family?). Food, lake, food, crafts, campfire, food and more laughs then should be allowed. Oh, and trashy magazines. A lot of trashy magazines. I really did not want to spend my time knitting, embroidering or sewing, rather with my kids and my hands full of food and magazines. Well. that lasted about a day.   

New addiction. Oops. Maybe next year.
Here are some more pics. Can not wait until next year.