Blog Schedule

I have had a pretty solid school, grandparents, work and family schedule for a while now, and I hope to get that down in writing. I am doing it for a couple reasons; to keep me accountable and to remember the fun we have. It is pretty easy to forget the good times and get caught up in the routine, I don't want that to happen. I also have a habit of starting something and not finishing it (if you know me, quit laughing). I hope to be accountable to this slightly anonymous and passive medium, my blog. But if one of you emails me and says something like "I missed your Food Day Post this week" or "Kids day seemed a bit short this week, hope all is well:)lol" I will send a pre-teenager to your house with a flaming bag of poo. Consider yourself warned.

Monday: Work Day
That is kids-are-gone-so-I-have-time-to-work-on-orders-or-projects-but-usually-end-up-staring-at-the-wall-in-quiet-contemplation-of-the-fact-that-it-is-quiet Day. I will post pictures of what I am or am not working on. Or I will post a picture of the Wall.

Tuesday: Food Day
I get up Tuesday's with only one child and, in my fantasy world, head out the door and do all my running around before I need to pick up the big girls at school. I do like to cook on Tuesday nights and will post what I am cooking, planning on cooking or other various food porn that I find.

Wednesday: Hump Day
I will post pictures of my husband...just kidding. Wednesday is a good get-the-kids-in-bed-and-watch-DVR-while-surfing-the-web-for-inspiration kind of day. I will post what I find and hope it inspires you all.

Friday: Kids Day
Friday nights are usually girls night at my casa. Girls night includes me, my daughters and a movie. I hope to get a kids craft project in there, but it may not happen. I am pretty over talking to my kids by Friday. I'll keep you posted.

Weekends: Family Time
I may or may not post about goings on and other various thoughts. I may just post a series of expletives. Who knows...

Backup Schedule:
Watch TV all day and do nothing Monday-Sunday